LMR Avior 10th Wing – 2 Piece wing


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LMR’s second wing comes of the back of the ever popular Electra Wing! The new wing named the Avior of which is an extremely bright star, like the Electra.

This wing has been again formed from super durable and high quality 1.5mm Lexan. It retains the Electra’s innovative side plates but now the centre section has been moulded flat so that it can house the 2nd piece of the wing. This small Duct wing acts to force air onto the rear gurney when at speed and has proved to make the car feel very controllable at high speeds when sometimes they can feel on the edge. Also the side plates have been formed so they can be much taller, with cut lines to help you choose the perfect amount of side bite for your track.

The Avior wing also has a neat centre line to make sure you can mount it central every time.

Avior can be used with or with out the 2nd piece to aid your set up even more.

It has already proven to be success with the early prototype powering Lee Martin to 2nd at the IFMAR World Championships in the USA in 2013.


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